Dr. Prateep V. Philip, started his career as a bank officer through merit and focus, rose up as a servant of the public through his IPS qualification, and has today Risen to the Position of Director General of Police (CS CID).

His designation does not do justice to the many conquests he has made throughout his journey as a Man of Ideas!

As someone who loves reading, writing and public speech, Dr. Prateep has dedicated a large part of his professional life toward studying the Human Mind

Through his studies and travels, he has Innovated various streams of thought, many of which are in practice today as full-fledged Organized Movements, which have and will bring about a complete shift in dynamics in aspects ranging from Crime prevention, Management, Psychological well-being, Education and More!

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If faith is gold, hope is silver and love is platinum.


Friends Of Police FOP community policing citizens police law movement

Friends Of Police (FOP)

The FOP Movement is a Community Policing initiative, aiming to bring police and public closer. FOP empowers the common man by creating Crime Awareness, Enabling & Training citizens in  Crime prevention methods. Visit to join hands with the Police Force and exercise your right to fight Crime TODAY! .

equilibrium thinking EQT negative positive Management stress emotion

Equilibrium Thinking (EQ-Thinking)

 Equilibrium Thinking is a revolution in the making. Emphasising on the BALANCE, between Positive and Negative emotions, that one has to strive and develop to truly conquer their mind and create reality out of their thoughts.Reshape your lives with the mantra

"BE at it, to BEAT it!"

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Excenomics is a new Visionary Global Discipline, with an aim to re-invent  education, management, and economics with its focus on Human Capital Excellance.

Excenomics is the emphasis on Training & Achieving EXCELLANCE across multiple disciplines - Personal, Inter-personal, Design, Corporate & Quality Standards.

Qualitative Excellance and Growth, over Quantitaive milestones and targets